Education cannot be put on hold without risking the future of generations.

The ``Future School for Ukraine`` project aims to support Ukrainian people facing the daunting task of rebuilding schools and reviving the education sector, heavily impacted by war.

It will provide a ready-to-implement and free-to-use adaptive technical design for building new schools across the country. The availability of such a solution will save time and financial resources and will facilitate fundraising for the recovery of Ukraine’s school system.

The Lithuanian Fund for the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid allocated €500,000 for the implementation of
the project.

More than 3,000 school buildings in Ukraine are currently severely damaged or destroyed as a result of ongoing military aggression. More than a third of Ukrainian pupils only have access to distance learning. A large number of pupils do not attend school because their safety is not guaranteed: there are no shelters. Internal migration to safer parts of the country has put the education infrastructure in less war-affected regions under severe strain, some schools operate three shifts a day. Pupils and teachers are facing the problems of emotional and psychological well-being.

The following key priorities are identified in the light of these and other challenges related to education in Ukraine:

  • Access to education;
  • Pupil and teacher safety;
  • Educational gaps due to inadequate education process;
  • Teacher burnout and pupils’ psychological well-being.

In terms of the needs of educational infrastructure which exist today and will remain in place for the near future, Ukraine will require the multi-purpose education centres in regional centres covering an area of up to 50 kilometres;

The examination of a multitude of arguments at the competition development phase has led to a decision to develop the concept of a Multifunctional Education Centre.

Multifunctional Education Centre is to accommodate around 550 children of all ages, from primary school to lyceum, with facilities for temporary accommodation for pupils and teachers, spaces for community activities and psychological rehabilitation, and a dual-use shelter.

Adaptive Reuse Architectural Design means an architectural work, a set of architectural solutions for a building design featuring maximum solutions for the site, the interior and the exterior of the building, which can be applied independently of the specific target site or location, and could be re-used, in adapted form, for multiple different locations, each time by individually integrating and adapting it to the local context.

This is an adaptive reuse architectural design competition, therefore a specific site is not provided at the competition stage. In order to identify the volumetric and spatial adaptability of the proposals and the outdoor area solutions, three hypothetical sites with different characteristics are provided in the procurement documentation.

A team, entering the competition, will be required to have at least 1 architect, who has a right to practice in Ukraine and at least 1 architect, who has a right to practice outside Ukraine.

To facilitate the partner-finding process for the competition, we invite you to register at ARCH-E (digital European Platform for Architectural Design Competitions), so that possible partners from Ukraine (or outside Ukraine) would find you more easily.

Please note that registration is limited to natural persons, but you may register as a representative of your office.

Kindly note that registration at ARCH-E is not mandatory to participate in the “Future School for Ukraine” competition.


Lyceum and hotel featuring a conference centre will be located in Vasario 16-osios st. 1, Vilnius, Lithuania (ex St Jacob Hospital quarter)


The following prize money shall be paid to the winners of the first, second and third places of the Competition:

1st prize


+ procurement contract.
Total procurement budget: €300,000.

2nd prize


+ entries will be added to a list of potential designs for potential investors or financial donors interested in restoring Ukraine’s educational infrastructure.
It's anticipated that more architectural ideas from the competition could also attract additional funding for their development, thus expediting the restoration process.

3rd prize


+ entries will be added to a list of potential designs for potential investors or financial donors interested in restoring Ukraine’s educational infrastructure.
It's anticipated that more architectural ideas from the competition could also attract additional funding for their development, thus expediting the restoration process.


The procurement notice is published in the Central Public Procurement Information System (CVP IS)

Preliminary Competition Calendar

Deadline for submission of project proposals: 2024-05-23, 10 AM (GMT+2)

Exhibition of the project proposals is foreseen for June 2024

Announcement of competition results is foreseen for July 2024


Competition documents

You can find the official announcement of the competition in the Central Public Procurement Information System (CVP IS) here.

You can download the competition documents (in English) by clicking here.

Submission of project proposals

Instruction on how to submit a proposal (PDF, 800KB)

Projects must be submitted by 2024-05-23, 10 AM (GMT+2)


at the Central Public Procurement Information System (CVP IS) here

and must be delivered (Envelope 3) before the deadline to

Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kalvarijų st. 1, 09310 Vilnius, Lithuania


Anna Novosad, Co-founder of SavED, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine 2019-2020

Artūras Žarnovskis, Chairman of the Jury, Co-create Future of Ukraine program manager, CPMA, Lithuania

Mustafa-Masi Nayyem, Head of Agency for Restoration, Ukraine

Carl Backstrand, Architect, Sweden

Helena Sandman, Architect, Finland

Rolandas Palekas, Architect, Lithuania

Viktorija Blažienė, Architect, Lithuania

Viktor Zotov, Architect, Ukraine

Anna Novosad
Anna Novosad
Co-founder of SavED, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine 2019-2020
Anna Novosad is a Ukrainian expert in education policy. In 2019-2020 Ms Novosad served as Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. Before the ministerial position, she used to serve in various positions at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. As Minister Anna contributed to and led the comprehensive school reform in Ukraine, as well as was a leader of the higher education funding reform.
Currently, Anna leads the international charitable foundation savED which aims to restore access to education in Ukraine despite the devastating consequences of the Russian full-scale aggression. So far, the fund helped over 40,000 children return to studies.
Artūras Žarnovskis
Artūras Žarnovskis
Chairman of the Jury, Co-create Future of Ukraine program manager, CPMA, Lithuania
Artūras oversees the implementation of Lithuania-funded and multilateral projects in Ukraine's recovery since 2014. Even before Russia's full-scale invasion, he led a Lithuania-funded reconstruction of a school project in Avdiivka, Eastern Ukraine, where Russia 'set free' 700 Ukrainian children from their right to study. Under Artūras supervision „Ruta“ kindergarten in Irpin, damaged 75 %, was rebuilt in 8 months. All documentation and project phases can be traced by anyone interested in digital system DREAM. Another major project - the restoration of a school in Borodyanka for 700 children is approaching completion in March 2024. From January 2024 CPVA implements the EU-Lithuanian initiative on building shelters for schools in the frontlines. Other CPVA projects are focused on the recovery of education infrastructure, critical social infrastructure, and civil demining.
Mustafa-Masi Nayyem
Mustafa-Masi Nayyem
Head of Agency for Restoration, Ukraine
From 2005 to 2014, Mustafa-Masi built his career as a journalist, editor, and media manager for leading Ukrainian publishers. Then he had extensive experience in various state institutions: the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Parliament (as an elected official), State Concern ``Ukroboronprom”. In 2021, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine. On January 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Nayyem as head of the State Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure Development.
Carl Backstrand
Carl Backstrand
Architect, Sweden
Architect; Partner, deputy CEO at White Arkitekter. “White Arkitekter” awarded by Dezeen.com with the title Dezeen Architect of the Year 2023 for being “a leading voice in the drive towards more sustainable buildings”.
Helena Sandman
Helena Sandman
Architect, Finland
Architect, D.A., currently a visiting lecturer at Illinois University. Focusing on empathic design and impactful architecture. She is the owner of Helena Sandman Ltd., partner at Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects and Leapfrog Projects, and co-founder of Ukumbi NGO providing architectural services to communities in need. She and her colleagues have been honoured with both national and international prestigious awards and have been published and exhibited widely, e.g. the Venice Architecture Biennale.
Rolandas Palekas
Rolandas Palekas
Architect, Lithuania
Architect, professor at Vilnius TECH University (Lithuania). Founder of Paleko ARCH studija, with a portfolio of buildings of various scale and function, including Vilnius University library, and complex of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Recipient of the National Award of Art and Culture of Lithuania.
Viktorija Blažienė
Viktorija Blažienė
Architect, Lithuania
Viktorija is an architect and CEO at 2L ``Architects & Engineers`` company. They are one of the most experienced architectural firms in Lithuania, specializing in the design of modern educational buildings such as schools and kindergartens, encompassing both reconstructions and new constructions. Currently, they are working on a new school and kindergarten project in Bucha, Ukraine. Their motto is ``We believe in agile architecture.``
Viktor Zotov
Viktor Zotov
Architect, Ukraine
Architect, founder of the studio ``ZOTOV&CO`` in 2004 in Kyiv.
Experience of cooperation with BIG (DK), MAXWAN (NK), EM2N (CH), JWA (AT), Transsolar (DE), KS – Ingenieure (AT), Taller 301(CL), Architectural Prescription (NL) and others.


Competition Participants may send their requests for clarifications of the Terms of Reference to the following address: Lithuanian Union of Architects, 1, Kalvarijų St., LT-09310 Vilnius, Lithuania, or email them to: [email protected] and [email protected] . Deadline for requesting clarifications of the Terms of Reference – 15:00 (local time) on 25 July, 2019. Answers to the queries of the Competition Participants shall be sent within 5 (five) business days from the date of receipt thereof, until 15:00 (local time) on 31 July, 2019.


Susipažinkite su pateiktais konkurso dalyvių darbais.


The initiative „Future school for Ukraine“ became an inspiration and the pilot project for a new





– to establish a hub of professional knowledge, and incubator for case studies, paving a

way for democratic, open, transparent, quality-oriented processes to obtain the best design and

implementation schemes for the public infrastructure in Ukraine.

– to connect Ukrainians (who need public infrastructure) and Europeans (who are willing to

donate or contribute) stakeholders


The Lab will explore and adapt the lessons and experiences of different methods of getting the

best design for a public object in Ukraine.

Relevant lessons learned (based on evaluation of the case studies) would end up as

recommendations for local and State administration to amend Ukrainian legislation, to ensure

quality processes and results when rebuilding public infrastructure in Ukraine.

What is New European Bauhaus ?

What is New European Bauhaus Laboratory ?


Contact us:

Coordinator of the NEB LAB Rūta Leitanaitė, [email protected]



NEB community members:

Architects Association of Lithuania (AAL)

Architects Council of Europe (ACE)

Ro3kvit Urban Coalition for Ukraine

NEB friends:

Ministry of economy and innovation of Lithuania

– State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Central projects management agency of Lithuania


– BKZT (Austria) – CREA CULT project “ARCH-E


Press conference with Future School for Ukraine competition jury in Kyiv

Reducing educational losses and returning children to offline school is one of the main tasks of the education sector of Ukraine today. “Future School Ukraine” purpose is to save time and money for the design of new educational institutions. In the course of the initiative, a high-quality adaptive school project will be developed, obtained through […]

New perspectives of “Future School for Ukraine” at Ukraine Green Recovery Conference

Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) together with the Architects Association of Lithuania (AAL) presented its flagship initiative “Future School for Ukraine“ at the four-day conference in Vilnius hosted by the European Commission. With the motto “greening Ukraine’s recovery” the conference was about remedying the dreadful damage of war setting Ukraine on a new path of […]

Future School for Ukraine initiative at ReBuild Ukraine Expo

The 2nd International ReBuild Ukraine exhibition brought together Ukrainian community leaders, global political figures, and business entities. Lithuania and its Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) used the opportunity to present tangible outcomes from less than a year’s efforts, featuring successfully implemented recovery initiatives and a new project pipeline. At the Ukraine and Its Communities pavilion, […]


All inquiries regarding the competition's terms and conditions, as well as technical information, must be submitted through the CVP IS system after registration. Only registered participants will have access to all questions and answers.

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