Future School for Ukraine initiative at ReBuild Ukraine Expo

Future School for Ukraine initiative at ReBuild Ukraine Expo

The 2nd International ReBuild Ukraine exhibition brought together Ukrainian community leaders, global political figures, and business entities. Lithuania and its Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) used the opportunity to present tangible outcomes from less than a year’s efforts, featuring successfully implemented recovery initiatives and a new project pipeline.

At the Ukraine and Its Communities pavilion, visitors engaged in an open dialogue with representatives from 26 countries’ communities. The Central Project Management Agency’s proactive approach to the education sector recovery drew interest. According to the last assessment by the World Bank, learning losses for Ukrainian society could potentially be estimated in trillions of dollars. Focusing on preventing the harm, CPVA discussed new schools construction with Ukrainian communities. Lithuania’s Future School for Ukraine initiative, developing ready to localize adaptive technical design project, aims to save time and financial resources. It will offer high-quality and free-of-charge project design for building schools, available to Ukrainian cities, villages, and potential donors next year.

Mariana Varkalienė, CPVA Project Manager: “We aim to leverage Lithuania’s expertise in Ukraine’s education recovery and facilitate new school construction. Building schools with the Future School for Ukraine adaptive project design is a great opportunity not just to rebuild, but to create a high-quality learning environment. Collaboratively developed by Ukrainian and Lithuanian educators and architects, the project concept aims to address real-time needs. Multifunctional school hub that incorporates spaces for veterans, secure shelters equipped with cooking facilities, and accommodation for teachers and students from districts’ remote areas is a part of the task for Future School of Ukraine project design.”

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